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Face melting advertising
& digital dominance

At Two Dot we look at marketing a little differently. To captivate the public’s attention we have to continually find new ways to make an impact. Sometimes this means bordering on the strange and unusual. Recycling old tricks isn’t going to cut it.

Two Dot is skilled in all of the ad agency disciplines from graphic design and event coordination, to web design and copywriting. We’re also surprisingly talented at Laser Tag and recipe blogging.

…And we do it all in-house

Why Two Dot? Mike West, Sarah Adams, Josh White and Bill Hurme know how to help you make a rockstar-like impression on a monk’s budget or an earth-shattering uproar on a bigger one. Most importantly, each mission is customized to you and is not part of the same template we sold to the last guy.

With one simple call, the sky opens up and awesomeness rains down.

Mike West
“The Alchemist”

Alchemy- the power to turn something common into something special. This is what Mike does daily. Mike’s favorite daily task, which he is truly talented at, is creative writing. He’s a master at the craft, and therefore nicknamed “The Alchemist.” Mike is Two Dot’s Marketing Manager and oversees all aspects of the marketing process for our clients, from campaign creation and budgeting, to the creative design and execution, and he does it like clockwork. His years in new home sales have given him the tools to truely become magical at marketing. He knows all aspects of marketing like the back of his hand, like which vendors will deliver with the best possible quality, service and price.

Mike graduated from the University of Washington in 2003 with majors in both Marketing and Psychology. Following graduation, Mike took an internship with the Hodgson/Myers agency, where he assisted with accounts ranging from the Seattle Sonics to Infinity of Bellevue. Around this same time, he began his career at TeamBuilder and has worked both in the field and office at TeamBuilder and Two Dot.

Outside of work, Mike makes his home in the Green Lake area of Seattle with his wife Shanelle and plays music when he’s not executing the next great campaign.

Josh White
“The Sorcerer”

“The Sorcerer,” has dutifully earned this name because he can design just about anything no matter the challenge. Josh is the master of all things design (web, print, motion, you name it) and he works his magic on a daily basis. In his two years as Two Dot’s designer he has been asked to perform some seemingly impossible tasks like completely rebranding an established legacy builder with an updated look, or rebuilding a website for stronger Search Engine Optimization. Josh understands the contemporary look and feel so essential for today’s consumers.

Josh gets the Seattle sophisticated buyer and especially the “Gen Y” segment that cannot be ignored. Some of Josh’s least favorite marketing sayings, just for fun, include but are not limited to: “Make it pop.”, “Can you Photoshop this out?” and “Could you do a little mock-up?” Josh’s background includes a Graphic Design degree from California State University, Sacramento and 5 years of real world experience doing everything from wine labels and packaging to online shopping carts and content management systems his specialty is web design and his passion is seeing everything work in one cohesive package.

Josh lives in Greenwood with his wife Jessica and dog Violet, and when he is not behind the computer he is out enjoying the Northwest with the both of them.

Sarah ‘Krebsy’ Adams
“Director of Wisdom”

Sarah has worked for TeamBuilder since 2005 and currently holds the position of Account Manager. She has done just about everything under the sun for the company from marketing and event planning to Account Management. Sarah runs TwoDot’s event department, which has worked from budgets of all shapes and sizes, and they are never short of spectacular. She is also responsible for some of the most in-depth, detailed site reports for our communities, and they set the standard for our quality control. Her understanding of what it takes to run a well-oiled community and her high attention to detail help keep our team on their toes. Her nickname “Director of Wisdom” comes from her impeccable judgment on well, just about anything, while the nickname “Krebsy” comes from her maiden name Krebs which just stuck.

Sarah graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Communications in 2002 and before coming onboard at TeamBuilder has worked in marketing and customer service in the pharmaceutical and health-care industry.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys swimming, aerobics, cooking and enjoys spending time with family and friends scattered all over the country. She lives with her husband Nelson and son Benjamin on the East side of Lake Washington.